YD-F2513XR UV Flatbed Printer

YD-F2513XR is a new introduced high resolution UV flatbed printer with minimum ink droplet size of 2.5pl. It adopts XAAR 1201 industrial inkjet printhead which is based on piezoelectric Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) technology. YD-F2513XR delivers extremely delicate printing results with strong quality, high precision and superior printing effect. It is an affordable printer for various of materials.

Advance Features of YD-F2513XR

1. YD-F2513XR adopts XAAR 1201 high resolution print head. With 1280 nozzles arranged in 4 rows, XAAR 1201 can print 2 colors (600dpi) or 4 colors(300dpi). It’s ignition frequency is up to 50KHZ, supporting higher print speed. The minimum 2.5PL ink droplet size achieves superior printing results.

2. Employing destressing tempered integrated stainless steel frame, delivering stronger bearing capacity and more stable architecture, no deformation during transportation.

3. High-precision assembly control with super high precision marble platform, lead rail error less than 0.02mm.

4. YOTTA flatbed printers use high efficient UV LED lamps for ink curing system, which is more energy-saving and longer-life. At the same time of delivering better curing results, it also can be used for heat-sensitive material printing for only generating low heat.

5. YD-F2513XR UV flatbed printer has the function to measure the thickness of substrates. It is time-saving, labor-saving, efficient and accurate.

6. There is four-zone adsorption platform designed for light and thin material printing and heavy material’s unload. When printing light and thin substrates, suction function keeps stable printing by preventing them from moving, when finishing heavy material printing, blow function can help unload it easily.