UV DTF (Direct to Film) For Cylindrical & Irregular Shaped Objects and challenging Print surfaces.

One of the new products we have been testing that work in Tandem with our range of Small Format Personalisation UV Printers is DTF (Direct to Film).

The unique process allows the UV Print to be transferred directly to Flat & Irregular shaped objects with demanding surface characteristics.

Although our small format personalisation printers such as the Alpha Jet Plus offer optional Rotary Printing devices the DTF Process allows for customers with higher production requirements to gang up multiple labels on a single sheet and transfer the label directly to the object as and when required. The printed labels can be applied to multiple objects making them perfect for fulling on demand orders prior to shipping and reducing waste.

In our tests with Glass & Metals we have seen excellent adhesion characteristics combined with a high level of moisture resistance.

The UV DTF process has the added benefit of producing an excellent Tactile affect on these demanding substrates, making it perfect for those requiring a unique product. The embossed  printing effect available with our UV Printers combined with CMYK White & Varnish lends itself perfectly to Tactile & Braille UV Printing requirements on irregular surfaces. 

The two part transfer film & laminator will be offered with our range of Small Format UV Printers. If you would like to see a demonstration or receive a sample pack please visit our contacts page to make contact Contact Us