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Heidelberg Topsetter 74P

Year 2006

Low Plate Count

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Higher throughput and lower operating costs are crucial

factors for any investment in CtP production. As far as

these factors are concerned, the Topsetter™ P 74 sets

new standards in its class. More plate formats, increased

imaging speed and a consistent design from loader

to processor are just some of the reasons why the

Topsetter P 74 has a P for Plus in its name.

Designed to meet the exacting requirements of

medium-format printing, the new Topsetter P 74 gives

you optimum flexibility.

It is the ideal partner for presses where short runs

require frequent job changes. Whether you use a

Printmaster® QM 46, GTO™ 46, GTO 52, PM 74 or a

Speedmaster™ SM 52, SM 74 or CD 74, the Topsetter P 74

can handle any format you need. Its range extends

from 14.56 x 12.75˝ (370 x 324 mm) to 25.98 x 32.67˝

(660 x 830 mm). It therefore has all the flexibility needed

for 2-page and 4-page jobs, and all this in daylight

operation, since thermal technology makes darkrooms

a thing of the past.

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