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The PaSharp suite of prepress productivity tools has evolved from Founder’s 30 years of accumulated research and development experience in the graphic arts. The PaSharp suite offers professional trapping tools, specialized step & repeat functions for packaging as well as a series of editing tools enabling prepress operators to boost efficiency and produce higher quality work.
PaSharp is based on Windows OS, Macintosh OS; PaSharp includes thirteen modules: Trap Sharp, Nest Sharp, Link Sharp, Eye Sharp, Inspect Sharp, Tool Sharp, Search Sharp, Mark Sharp, Ink Sharp and TIFF Maker, Seamless, Warp, E-connector. Modularized products can provide various choices in order to meet customer’s requirement.
Till the end of 2010, PaSharp has achieved good performance in offset, flexo and gravure prepress field, and has been used in combination with mainstream CTP and workflow software of Founder, Kodak, Screen, Agfa and Heidelberg. From printing factories to prepress centers, design stations, even universities, they’ve given high recognitions of PaSharp.

Automatic trapping

Professional trap parameters can manage complicated and high-risk trap process.

Step & Repeat with CAD layout

Operators will find it easy to apply graphics on the CAD layout. PaSharp step & repeat is able to adjust the position of graphics and station structural automatically which significantly improves the efficiency of the step & repeat operation.

Interactive Step & Repeat

This step & repeat method provides an object-oriented way of doing step &repeat which offers great convenience for operators.

Step & Repeat with Chart

Operators can set a series of step&repeat parameters such as distance, rotation angle etc. Parameter set function enables operators to do step&repeat with the same parameters or pre-defined variables of mathematics functions in a second.


Besides the most frequently used marks such as center marks, corner marks, etc. Operators can also add image mark, trim mark or other customized marks. By saving the marks parameters set, operators can reuse it in other files at any time.

Files comparison

The differences between the two compared files will be marked obviously. This function is best for operators to know the modifications of the file.


Operators can set stroke width, fonts, images and other parameters based on specified demands. Based on the parameters, Inspect Sharp can find the objects which do not fit for the printing conditions.
Search specified objects
Combination of Various Parameters
Quickly search the most frequently used objects
Multi-selection function makes it possible to find the specified objects
More objects will be found with the new search engine

Expand text width tool

Expand text width tool can simply expand or narrow the uneven strokes of letters in the specified direction.

Path Editing Tools

Operators can edit the path more conveniently with path editing tools, such as trace tool, distortion tool etc.

Export images

Link# enables operators to instantly export any image embedded in an Adobe Illustrator file for other use or editing in other applications.
Link# supports exporting spot color channels, clip paths and layers of embedded images.
The export image resolution and quality keeps exactly the same as the embedded image.

Image channel mapping

Directly mapping image channels in AI.

TIFF Maker

TIFF Maker can export both CMYK and spot colors to ".tiff" format for proofing.
Operators can choose one or multi separations to export.
Fresh new module for gravure prepress
Various professional settings for gravure prepress work: resolution, anti-aliasing, minimum fast forward.

Powerful functions

PaSharp encompasses all facets of packaging prepress with robust tools for professional trapping, step & repeat and a powerful set of editing tools.

Standalone software

PaSharp impresses customers with complete convenience of prepress operation.

Splendid compatibility

PaSharp can be combined with any PDF workflows, and operators can make any modifications in a second.

Attentive technical support

PaSharp support team offers the best service and help to customers. Modularized products provide various choices in order to meet customers’ needs.
Multi-language support
English, Chinese & Japanese

Operating System Applications
PaSharp 7.6

Mac OS 10.6.8 or above
MAC OS X El Capitan 10.11 (64 bit)
Windows7+SP1/8/10 (64 bit)
Adobe Illustrator CS6 (64 bit only)
Adobe Illustrator CC/CC2014/CC2015.1, CC2015.2 (64 bit only, Extension manager required)

PaSharp 5.0 or below
Mac OS 10.4.11 or above

Windows XP+SP3 or Windows 7+SP1
Adobe Illustrator CS3/CS4/CS5
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