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Founder SuperLine is an anti-counterfeit design software for security printing in labeling and packaging with amazing features of line-art technology to help prevent forgery and counterfeiting.
All printed products that are vulnerable to be counterfeited and need to be protected, such as banknotes, passports, certificates, licenses, lottery tickets and Packaging.

A wealth of functions can satisfy with almost all applications

An ornamental pattern formed by two or more curved bands that interlace to repeat a circular design with effective anti-counterfeiting and pleasing aesthetic effects.
Aesthetic textures can be generated easily with convenient tools in SuperLine.


Generated by very small letters instead of lines, e.g. replacing a line segment with a line of letters that are smaller than 0.2mm.
By using lines with varying widths in different directions, characters or images can be hidden in other background images.


By using lines of varying width images can be transformed simulating engraving.
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