• YOTTA 9060GH

YOTTA 9060GH Information

Adopting new 4-8 pcs grey level GH2220 internal heating industrial micro piezo print head, YOTTA YD-F9060GH small format UV flatbed printer present bright full-color printing on its 90cm×60mm bed. It is featured with 3pl-5pl variable droplet printing, able to print high quality lifelike images with less ink consumption. With excellent print performance, it is a cost-effective solution for items with small size, such as phone cases, crafts, signs, wall panels, etc, especially suitable for personalized printing business.

Materials can be printed by YD-F9060GH small format UV flatbed printer:

Glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic, metal board, PVC, plastic, corrugated board, leather, EVA, etc.

Print Performance

Maximum 600×2400dpi high print resolution

Wide applications, can direct inkjet print on almost all flat material.

Capability of printing CMYK, Lc, Lm, white ink, and varnish, able to create 3D, embossed and high glossy effect. 3pl-5pl variable ink droplet printing, produce uniform color transition image with less ink consumption.

Efficient UV-LED ink curing technology.

Secondary ink cartridge negative pressure system presents more smooth ink supply and printing.

High-precision and tough accessories delivering more stable and reliable UV inkjet printing.

Employing high-end accessories

4-8pcs industrial Ricoh GH2220 grey piezo inkjet printheads which is anti-corrosive and long-life with stable working performance.

Integrated steel frame structure which is more strong and stable. It is not deformed by collision.

Imported servo motor, high-precision linear guide and lead screw, achieve more accurate printing.

IGUS towline, cater for high speed movement. It can greatly reduce the wear of wire harness and prolong the life of wire harness, ensuring long-term stable and reliable working of the system.

Strong oxidation processed strong printing platform to avoid curing light reflection.

User-friendly function designs

Anti-collision device, carriage automatically stops when colliding with obstacles, so to protect printheads and human safety.

Automatic height measurement system to measure the thickness of substrates, more precise, time-saving and labor-saving.

Negative pressure system to make more smooth ink supply and avoid ink leaking.

Model YD-F9060GH

Print Size 900 × 600 mm (3 × 2 ft)

Printhead Ricoh-GH2220 grey level piezo print head

Printhead Quantity 4-8 pcs (4-6 colors optional)

Print Resolution 600×2400 DPI

Material Thickness Up to 160mm (6.3in)

Ptint Mode Unidirectional and bidirectional

Ink Type Eco-friendly UV curing ink (NO VOC)

Ink Color C, M, Y, K, White ink, Varnish (optional)

Material Type Rigid and flexible material

RIP Software Photoprint

Color Management International standard ICC

Input Format PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI

Printer Weight 350KG

Printer Size 2030mm[L] × 1200mm[W] × 1380mm[H] (6.7ft × 3.9ft × 4.5ft)

Package Size 2230mm[L] × 1400mm[W] × 1800mm[H] (7.3ft × 4.6ft × 5.9ft)

Power Requirement 220V/AC(±10%), 50/60 HZ, 1.5KW 6.8A

Working Environment Separate, little sunlight, ventilated workshop, Temperature: 18℃~30℃(64℉~86℉); Humidity: 30%~70% (Non-condensing); Ventilation equipment: suggest overhead exhaust fan, displacement 600cfm.

YOTTA flatbed UV printers adopt industrial print heads and high-quality components, to ensure superior colour printing and strong stability. With UV LED curing systems and ECO-friendly UV-curable printing inks, YOTTA direct-to-substrate UV printers print onto a wide range of flat substrates with waterproof, anti-UV, scratch, and fade resistent characteristics. YOTTA's digital UV LED flatbed printing machines have been widely applied in different fields of printing, such as packaging, textiles, building materials. Yotta offer a wide range of options using Print Heads from Epson, Ricoh, Xaar and Kyocera. Print Heads can be configured based on customer requirements and budget for speed and number of colours required.

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