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Eagle RIP
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Version 4.5
Released in July 2013
PDF 1.7 - PostScript 3 for superb quality documents
Founder's EagleRIP creates superb quality PDF and PostScript jobs. Complex documents, vivid colors, transparent objects, files with embedded ICC profiles and smooth shading are consistently processed to meet the high standards of the most demanding customer. EagleRIP provides support for features within PDF 1.7 and PostScript 3.
Performance that meets your most demanding print production needs
Founder's EagleRIP is multi-threaded and scales with system platform performance. For maximum performance EagleRIP supports over 100 CTP, CTF, Indigo press, laser printer and digital proofer devices, as well as 1 bit TIFF, 8-bit TIFF and Winprint output used by most leading vendor print devices.

1. PostScript 3 and PDF 1.7 RIP with PDF native interpreter

Supports PDF 1.7 document features including transparency, embedded ICC Profiles, 128-bit encryption, JPEG2000 filter etc.

2. Supports over 100 CTP, CTF, digital proofer and laser printer devices

3. TIFF 1-bit output

- Productive ROOM (Rip Once, Output Many) solution accepted by digital proofing, CTF and CTP workflow solutions.

- Driver can generate 1-bit TIFF file with no compress and CCITT GROUP4, or 8-bit TIFF file with no compress, LZW and Packbits.

4. Fast and flexible screen preview and dot preview

5. Built-in automatic ganging and manual ganging

6. Screening

built in screen shapes:

Euclidean Round, Rhomb, Ellipse, Diamond, Pure Round, Sharp Ellipse, Square, Cross and FM screening.

EagleAM: Supports 2400dpi/2540/3657dpi, Round and Pure Round dot shapes. Adopts new screening technology, plus or minus 7.5 degrees based on previous angle.

Optional Screenings:

EagleFM: Second-order FM Screening technology using variable dot size and variable spacing, controls the randomicity of dots.

EagleFAM: Supports hybrid FM/AM Screening. Uses EagleAM screening in midtones and adopts FM Screening in highlights and shadows.

EagleAGS: Accurate Gravure Screening, designed especially to improve the quality of gravure printing.

7. Supports TrueType and CID font and better performance of Asian fonts

8. Flexible network printing: NT Pipe, Apple Talk & Hot Folder

9. Optional CIP3 output plug in enables to produce PPF file which reduce make-ready times and wastage.

10. Optional the third party PDF trapping (it has been stopped to support on March 2012)

11. Tifflow plugin for 1 bit TIFF PostRIP imposition workflow solution

12. SDK (Software Developer's Kit) available for OEMs

13. Support language of GUI: English, Simplified Chinese / 简体中文, Traditional Chinese / 繁体中文, German / Deutsche, Spanish / Español, Japanese / 日本語.

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