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ElecRoc at a Glance

ElecRoc is a fully integrated JDF/PDF pre-press workflow with new system structure to achieve more stability and higher processing efficiency. It has many new modules and functions, a more user friendly interface, and it is easier to operate. Job processing is more secure and file management is easier and more convenient.

Functions of ElecRoc

ElecRoc is an easy-to-use, scalable workflow solution designed to meet all the demands of pre-press professionals. It integrates the latest core technologies from Founder Electronics. ElecRoc provides all the functionality required for job management, integrated JDF/PDF creation, preflight, trapping, imposition, PDF color management, 3D preview, EcoInk, Hi-Fi printing, PDF compare, cooperative task management, load balancing, zone screen, CIP4 ink control, advanced screening, color/screen proofing, remote proofing, and output device support. ElecRoc combines automation with process control of the entire workflow in real time. The typical workflow is as following:

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What’s new in ElecRoc 6090

Founder will release ElecRoc Flexo edition in version 6065.