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iECHO PK & PK Plus Information


The PK automatic intelligent cutting system adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and

an automatic lifting and feeding platform. Equipped with various of tools, it can quickly and

precisely carry out cutting, half cutting, creasing and marking. It is suitable for

sample making and short-run customized production for Signs, Printing and Packaging

industries. It is a cost-effective and intelligent equipment that meets all your creative processing.


01 High frequency electronic oscillating knife

Material can be more various and thicker, to meet different cutting


02 Combine intelligent cutting/creasing/drawing

functions-meet all your creative processing demands

Cut labels of any shape

Cutting, creasing any cardboard carton type

03 Precise automatic positioning system

With high-definition CCD camera, it realizes automatic and precise

positioning of various materials, automatic contour cutting, solving

problems of manual positioning and printing deformation, so as to

achieve simple and precise cutting purposes.

04 Barcode Management System

Scanning barcodes allows quick reading of cutting tasks.

05 Automatic feeding system

Fully automatic feeding system makes the production more


1.About iECHO

Hangzhou iECHO Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, worldwide supplier of

digital cutting solution for a wide variety of materials of different sectors, based on technology

innovations, providing the globe digital cutting solutions, systems and services. IECHO has

more than 300 employees, R&D personnel accounted for 30%, with development and

production facility of 60,000 sqm., possessing advanced production line and technology R&D

center. iECHO is always committed to technology innovations, based on own developed operating

system of digital cutting, carrying out overall solution to digitization of enterprises, providing

professional products and services to multiple industries like garment, automotive interior, advertisement,packaging, composites, luggage etc. To empower business transformation and

upgrading, assist users with efficiency increasing, cost-saving, product innovating, and

promote business by providing remarkable value.

2. Model Introduction

iECHO PK series automatic digital cutting plotter, is an intelligent digital cutting system designed for graphic, advertising, printing/packaging, sign graphics sample making and short run production. iECHO advanced 6-axis high speed motion control system, can perform fast and accurate process like through cutting, kiss-cut, creasing, dotted cut, perforation, marking etc., all functions on one machine. The model is equipped with automatic feeding system, HD vision positioning system with CCD Camera, to realize fully automatic production. It can assist customers to produce easily precise, innovative, unique, high quality value added product in limited time and space.

Processing materials: cardboard, gray board, corrugated board, honeycomb board, PP board, PVC, EVA, EPE, rubber etc.

High precision vision registration system (CCD)

With high definition CCD camera, it can make automatic and accurate registration contour cutting of various printed materials, to avoid manual positioning and printing error, for simple and accurate cutting. Multiple positioning method can meet different materials processing demands, to fully guarantee the cutting accuracy.

● Dot/ cross mark

● Backside CCD registration cutting.

● Edge-scanning positioning cutting: To make positioning contour cutting on printed

materials by scanning material edges.

Automatic sheet loading system

Automatic sheets loading system suitable for printed materials automatic processing in short run production.

IECHO software supports QR code scanning to retrieve relevant cutting files saved in the computer to conduct cutting tasks, which meets the customers’ requirements for cutting different types of materials and patterns automatically and continuously, saving human labour and time.

The roll materials feeding system adds the additional value to PK models, which can not only cut sheet materials, but also roll materials such as vinyls to makes labels and tags products, maximizing customers’ profits by using IECHO PK.

  • Software Features 

  • Professional digital die cutting application software.
  • Seamless connection with designing software and box design software, compatible with CDR, AI, Artios cad, KASEMAKE, Box-Vellum, packaging magician, etc.
  • With layered operation process, software operation follows the mainstream design software style, which is more in line with the designer’s operation habit.
  • The software can automatically match the data to cutting, creasing, dotted line and other processes, without additional manual settings, and cut directly after import.
  • Marking point plug-in software module can automatically generate registration marks in AI and CDR.
  • 6 positioning method, compatible with different printing marks.
  • Automatically connect segments in cutting file to improve cutting efficiency.
  • Automatically set and generate dotted line in the cutting file.
  • Convenient operation: Convenience and efficiency is important symbol of IBrightcut system. With the guidance of IECHO professional technicians, you will know the basic operation of IBrightcut system within 1 hour, and you can master the operation of the IBrightcut system in one day.
  • You can configure the display and position of each shortcut according to your own habits and preferences; you can set the position where the machine head stays after completing the task; you can set the when to automatically turn off the vacuum pump and turn off the vacuum pump after the task is completed.

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