Ameida B8 Digital Cutter

  • Ameida B8 Digital Cutter
  • Ameida B8 Digital Cutter
  • Ameida B8 Digital Cutter
  • Ameida B8 Digital Cutter
  • Ameida B8 Digital Cutter

Ameida B8 Digital Cutter Information

The B8 is the updated cutting solution to the B4 series. The B8 digital cutting system can additionally realise Through cutting, Half cutting, Creasing, Milling, Punching and Nesting with high speed and high precision.

With the optional stacker(sheet feeder) and collecting system the B8 can complete the material feeding and collecting with fast speed. It is suitable for sample making, short-run and mass production in the Packaging industry, and we suggest static table product especially.

The well-designed overall frame structure, the flexible tool system, precise cutting performance, and the pursuit of excellence in Ameida products.


1. Infrared sensing system, 360° surround security to ensure operator safety.

2. Perfect camera positioning system, support●or十mark etc., improve work efficiency.

3. The sturdy aluminum honeycomb platform has a good suction effect, ensuring that the platform is flat and not deformed after prolonged use.

4. Flexible tooling system, compatible with all Ameida B series tools.

5. Efficient anti-drying and rolling feeding system, complete feeding and cutting in 5 seconds; make the machine realize continuous cutting automatically.

6. Powerful CAD editing and design software, perfect work with CorelDraw, Adobe illustrator, Onyx, Caldera, PrintFactory, MainTop software etc.; And support barcode reading for avoiding operator send the wrong cutting file, improve work efficiency.

7. The parameter formulation system can adjust the optimal cutting parameters according to different materials to ensure the precision of each cutting.

8. The overall frame structure, designed by senior engineers in the industry, simple, stable, easy to install and carry.

9. Accurate tool setting system, easy to operate, can accurately control the depth of the knife and extend the use time of mat.

10. Scientific and simple wiring system and chassis circuit design, stable and safe; equipped with all tool interfaces to support subsequent upgrade; easy to installation and maintenance.


Model B8 Size Options : 1013 B8-1815 B8-2516 B8-2518 B8-3020

Working Area(MM) 1000*1300mm 1800*1500mm 2500*1600mm 2500*1800mm 3000*2000mm

Special Size Customisable

Safe Device Physical anti-collision mechanism + infrared induction anti-collision to ensure production safety

Cutting Tool EOT, UCT, KCT,CCD, Cursor, Pen, POT, DRT, PRT, CT, VCUT, URT

Cutting Thickness ≤50Mm

Cutting Speed ≤1200mm/s

Cutting Precision ≤0.1mm

Repeated Accuracy ≤0.05mm

Fixing Method Vacuum suction

Interface Ethernet port

Driving System Intelligent digital control servo system

Command DXF, HPGL compatible format

Control Panel Multi-language LCD touch panel

Suction Power 3KW~12KW(Variable frequency air pump is optional)

Power Supply AC220/380V 50~60Hz

Working Environment Temperature: -10° ~ 40° Humidity: 20%~80%

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